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Commissioned exhibition text for Tina Kohlmann's solo exhibition disturbances in the realms of unrecorded past at Gold + Beton, Cologne, Germany


Commissioned experimental text for SAY LESS publication project by Amanda Boachie in London, UK

Exhibition text for Ecem Yuksel's solo exhibition at Kairos Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey

Commissioned article for TOHU Magazine’s Politics of Love: Long Distance Relationship project in collaboration with curator/writer Naz Cuguoglu

Commissioned experimental text for Disco Journal’s inaugural issue on the digital annihilation of time in collaboration with artist Nicky Broekhuysen

Catalogue text for Under the Waqwaq Tree exhibition, curated by Naz Cuguoglu at slash art


Exhibition text for SABO's solo exhibition "Time Machine" at Versus Art Project in Istanbul, Turkey

In response to Tina Kohlmann’s Artefakt & Phantasma exhibition text for Tina Kohlmann’s solo exhibition Paradoxical Passages, Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt, Germany

Tina Kohlmann, Paradoxical Passages, Philipp Pflug Contemporary, Frankfurt, Germany. Image by Wolfgang Günzel, 2020 


Letter to A Zoo-Animal as part of the Zoo of the Future, drawing by Cansu Çakar and text by Mine Kaplangı


HazMatLab collective’s soothing efficacy exhibition catalogue, Hamburg, Germany


Tweetrary of Babel: Can Twitter be a digital archive-library? essay on “After Alexandria, the Flood” publication for After Alexandria, the Flood exhibition catalogue curated by Naz Cuguoğlu at 5533 and Recai Mehmed Efendi Library, Istanbul, Turkey


Contributor, Interviews with artists and curators for Artfridge publication I, Berlin, Germany


Dig Deep Essay on Nicky Broekhuysen’s solo exhibition “The Digital Archaeologist” at The Bumiller Collection, University Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin, Germany



Author of “Control Rooms: A self-critical introduction to artist Bager Akbay’s practice + fictitious essays” publication, edited by Merve Ünsal, published by Mas Matbaa, Istanbul, Turkey

Co-author of FLOW OUT collective-text together with Naz Cuguoğlu, Funa Ye and Istanbul Queer Art Collective members, published in Droste Effect Magazine as Bulletin #19


Editor of Secret Interviews (Saklı Görüşmeler), a curated corner for a series of interviews by selected artists from Istanbul, Artunlimited magazine’s online platform


Co-editor with Anna Zizlsberger for Exhibist magazine on January 2017 (New Media Arts in Turkey issue)

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 13.03.41.png



- Guest Lecturer, Freie Universität Berlin in Anna-Lena Werner's seminar series 25.10.22, Online (Projektcolloquium) Mine Kaplangı, Kuratorin und Mitgründerin Collective Çukurcuma

- Non-institutional curatorial practices - a campy model, Talk at the London School of Architecture, Friday Talks at the campus 


- Co-moderator of the online After Hope reading group as part of the Asian Art Museum’s After Hope programme


-  Moderator for the “Conversation with the director of #direnayol Rüzgâr Buski and activist Şevval Kılıç” as part of the Creating a 'we' exhibition’s public programme, BASIS Frankfurt, Germany

-  Moderator of the Zoom conversation with the artist Daniel Stubenvoll and curator Naz Cuguoğlu on Daniel Stubenvoll’s Beyond Limit book launch, part of the Creating a 'we' exhibition’s public programme, BASIS Frankfurt, Germany


- Organising the Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival screening at SALT Beyoğlu in collaboration with artist Merve Ünsal and Collective Çukurcuma Reading Group

- Control Rooms: On Text-Focused (Art)Work Readings, Mine Kaplangı, Merve Ünsal, Bager Akbay, poşe artist-run space, Istanbul
- Casa dei Saperi: Mine Kaplangı in conversation with Itamar Gov
Under the opening event of Fondazione Pini's Casa dei Saperi project, Milan, Italy

- Arts, Digital and Accessibility conference and exhibition launch Panel: The Digital as an Arts Space Moderator: Ryan Nelson, Arts Marketing Director, British Council Speakers: Elif Kamışlı, Ulya Soley, Mine Kaplangı


- House of Wisdom: Cross-cultural Mobility and Post-gallery Curatorial Practice Panel Discussion, Primary, Nottingham United Kingdom Participants; Dr Cüneyt Çakırlar, Istanbul Queer Art Collective (Tuna Erdem, Seda Ergül), Işıl Eğrikavuk, Mine Kaplangı
- Moderator, Talk & Screening at Pera Museum, Burkinabé Rising: The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso documentary screening and talk with artist Naz Köktentürk on her latest exhibition about Burkina Faso
- “Another Curation: Artificial Intelligence and Art” talk at Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul. Participants; Bager Akbay, Dr Ebru Yetişkin, Deniz Yılmaz, Mine Kaplangı


- Moderator, Talk & Workshop at FLAT Art Book Fair Public Program, Learning from Bayt-al Hikma (House of Wisdom), Collective Çukurcuma (Mine Kaplangı & Naz Cuguoğlu), Turin, Italყ
- Moderator, “What can the concept of ‘neighbour’ contribute to queer theory?- II” reading group discussion with Evren Savcı at 15th Istanbul Biennial’s Public Programme, IKSV Building, Istanbul

- Moderator, “What can the concept of ‘neighbour’ contribute to queer theory? - I” reading group discussion with Evren Savcı at 15th Istanbul Biennial’s Public Programme, IKSV Building, Istanbul
- Moderator, “When Contemporary Art Meets Architecture” Conference with id*d studio team at 7th International Design Week at East Mediterranean University, Famagusta, Cyprus
- Moderator, Simulating the Scent of Death: Amorphophallus titanium and the Military Training Complex” with artist Nadia Christidi, round table discussion, for “On Botany” exhibition seminar program, BLOK art space Çukurcuma


- Moderator, ‘Methods of Seeing in Eastern Images” with artist Cansu Çakar on her exhibition “Both Sides” at BLOK art space Büyük Valide Han
- Moderator, 'The Dig' - A discussion on Digital Archaeology and the work of Nicky Broekhuysen Participants: Nicky Broekhuysen, Prof. Wendy Shaw and David Szauder, The Bumiller Collection, Berlin

- Moderator, “Resistance” in Contemporary Art Practices”, together with Collective Çukurcuma, Atölye Istanbul, Istanbul




"All my best Deaths": Interview with Dante Buu for Ankara Queer Art Program 

Problem Tune: The Sea Said Yes - Video talk with artist Nilbar Güreş for Wêjegeh Amed (Diyarbakır Literature House)

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